Thursday, 26 April 2012

the sun is coming out!

 woops that was me this time. no cardio in the livingroom when the plants are on the top shelf. hahahaha. plus, the herbs weren't falling because of the cats. as i was sitting here the other ones just fell off the window sill on their own....sigh
 then i watched The Secret Garden for some inspiration's so beautiful it disgusts me. the ending still makes me misty eyed every time.
 coffee before my meeting, this christmas cup is chronic ..never gets put away...
 So I planted some perennials last fall to see what would come up in the spring...I will have to wait until these flower to know what they are..there are two types...that ONE star shaped spiky one with the two round leaves at the base surrounded by...
all of these three leaved dudes. i must have planted 6 different kinds, and i got far anyway.

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