Sunday, 29 April 2012

cool ethan and jim morrison kinda day.....what?

AFTER I cleaned up the livingroom, he decided he needed to move all of his toys out of the way to get one specific toy in his toy shelves hahaha.

Well, since nothing much is happening today yet, I decided to unload my brain and write in here all my "things to do"

1. Quit coffee.......again
2. Get back on my 1500 calorie a day diet ....
3. Get back on my 1500 calorie a day diet by taking the time to sit down and plan my meals then make a list based on those meals, then go and get those items at the grocery store, then pre-make some of the meals for the week
4. Check out Bulk Barn at its new location and see what groceries I can get in bulk for cheap.
5. Go to Fabricland and price tulle, and see if they even have it.
6. Clean my house, one room at a time (will be 1-2 rooms a day), and by clean I also mean organize, donate, throw away - declutter!!
7.Tomorrow is my first day of school and I have a load of paperwork and tasks to do just based on that


oh yes, and because I am shampoo free and hard water and chlorine make cleaning hair difficult, (which is why they add things like harmful sulfates to soap) I purchased this filtering system and hope to get my son into taking showers now...eventually I'd like a filter for the whole water system in the house but those are thousands of dollars.

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